Certweb for Assets Management

SaaS software to manage assets maintenance and calibration. Easy way to compliance quality management standard and metrological definitions at ISO/IEC 17025. One-click KPI for rapid analysis. Never miss a deadline with CW Reminders. Cloud base solution requires no local infrastructure. Easy to track QR Code labels for easy access history and status.

Equipment control

According to ISO/IEC 17025, you need to keep records of all your assets, data such as the identity of the item, manufacturer's name, type identification, and serial number or other unique identification, current location, the manufacturer's instructions, dates, results, and copies of reports and certificates of all calibrations, adjustments, acceptance criteria, and the due date of next calibration, the maintenance plan, any damage, malfunction, modification or repair to the equipment.

Cost Management

Every maintenance strategy has its pros and cons to choosing the one you should focus on can be a challenging task. In any option you choose, you need to collect and analyze all the data. In CertWEB you can set a yearly budget for maintenance. Log all the costs you have with an instrument.

Metrological information

Define your criteria for each instrument, compare the result when you got the certificate, approve or not the results. Log all the required information in ISO/IEC 17025. Before start using a new instrument, log all the required information, generate the visual identification.

Meets ISO 17025 criterias

Manage all the requirements of an accredited company can be pretty hard. But we can help you, with our solution, you can be ready for an audit. Designed to help your process in an easy and intuitive way.


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