We are a technology company placed in Curitiba (BR) since the beginning, in 2012. We aim to deliver the best quality applications to our clients, and we contribute to our planet by bringing products that avoid printed documents.


Easy to use software, accessible from any device. Scalability for operators to log the failure and defective. Comprehensive schedule for maintenance and calibration. Keep all ready for audit. Manage costs of keep assets running.

Assets Management

SaaS software to manage assets maintenance and calibration. Easy way to compliance quality management standard and metrological definitions at ISO/IEC 17025. One-click KPI for rapid analysis. Never miss a deadline with CW Reminders. Cloud base solution requires no local infrastructure. Easy to track QR Code labels for easy access history and status.


Equipment, tools, and machines. Everything you need to know about your asset is a click away. Store all the information and files related to your instrument.


Manage all your Branch and Overseas offices. Get dedicated reports and KPIs based on asset location. Ready to grow as fast as your company.


Manage your maintenance cost like a pro. Choose the right supplier and keep all the costs on record. Easy to ready KPI and cost management.


Never miss a deadline. With CW reminder and intuitive planner, you can manage the maintenance and calibration in an easy way.

Down Time

Downtime is incredibly costly for any company which has assets. Any unplanned downtime can have a deep impact on your process. Measure it to avoid losing money.

Cost management

Maintenance can be extremely costly. Set a yearly budget for each asset. Use the dashboard to keep updated.